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A small array of full stack developers

Seven White Pixels are a small team of Application and Systems developers that are product oriented, and will only deliver the best possible solution for any given project.  We have written solutions for very small Organisations that require a simple functional mobile app, to auto-scaling systems taking billions of hits of traffic per day for household named brands.

Each project has it's own challenges, and we believe that we can architect a solution well, before the code hits the IDE.  Having a solid plan, developing for expected usage and using technologies that are suited to the job in hand, rather than the technologies that our developers are most familiar with.

Our live and delivered projects conform to modern methods of security; have as close to 100% up-time as conceivably possible and use rapid and light-weight technologies deployed on auto-healing and auto-scaling cloud based networks.


One of a billion cups of coffee consumed

We love what we do and we like writing about it.  Not only does this website serve as a landing page for our business, but we use it as a blog and publicly jot down any new whizzy tips and tricks we have used recently. 

If something was particularly difficult to overcome, it's worth writing about and sharing with others.  We are only able to develop the applications and solutions that we make because of countless numbers of others doing the same.

If a solution contains interesting code, interesting cloud architecture or interesting technology then we will try to write about it. If nothing else it is just a good excuse to head to the cafe for a flat white and some jazz.

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